What it does

Automated inventory control helps companies provide safe and secure access to products, and can reduce consumption of products by monitoring usage. Although there are similar products on the market (e.g. horizontal carousels, vertical carousels and power lifts), none can provide controlled access to a single small bin.

Patented Approach

Rotary Storage and Retrieval’s (RSR) patenteded approach differs in that it consists of bins mounted on nested rotating platters, all of which rotate simultaneously to bring an object to a serving position. The smallest platters are mounted on medium sized platters, which in turn are mounted on a main platter. The small and medium platters rotate to bring a bin (object) to the outer edge of the main platter while the main platter is moving to bring it to the erving position. (See figure above)

The simultaneous rotation of the platters works like a computer hard drive, which has two types of motion where the head moves in/out while the disk rotates (i.e. random rather than sequential access).

Improved, Reliable

The simultaneous platter rotation, where the smaller platters bring a bin to the outer edge of the main platter while the main platter rotates to bring the bin to the access point, results in a substantial improvement in fetch times compared to other carousel designs. Another benefit of this approach is that all motion is circular, versus traditional horizontal and vertical carousels and power lifts. Rotary motion is the least expensive and most reliable type of motion.

RSR has developed and manufactures a Basic Drive Unit which includes mechanical components, electronics, and embedded software. RSR’s patented approach was selected by AutoCrib Corporation, which uses the Basic Drive Unit for its RoboCrib product. The RoboCrib is a vending machine used in factories to dispense tooling and various related expendable items that would normally be found in a tool crib. There are over 40 machines in use in the US and Europe.